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About LES Turkey.

LES Turkey is a non-profit association for professional executives in the fields of intellectual property management and licensing, and technology transfer.


LES Turkey, initially founded in Istanbul- Turkey, under the name of Technology and Licensing Executives Association is a member of Licensing Executives Society International.
Membership with LES Turkey also includes membership with LESI.

The Mission of LES Turkey:


To function as a non-profit professional organization to broadly support LES Societies in their efforts on behalf of individual members by:
» Setting and promoting consistent, high professional standards for licensing executives on a global basis


» Creating and maintaining various geographically based LES Societies with the necessary number and balance of local members,

» Providing organizational leadership, coordination, and advice,

» Facilitating professional networking between the members of LES Societies,

» Providing quality educational content to, and facilitating the sharing of educational content between LES Societies,

» Informing and interacting with global organizations and policy forums concerning the economic significance and importance of licensing and other transfer of technology and intellectual property rights.

The Benefits of becoming LES Turkey Member:


It is easy to become an LES Turkey member. Please send us an e-mail and briefly introduce you. You will receive an e-mail with a welcome message New Member application kit will be provided in a couple of working days period, which will tell you how to get the most out of your membership.


LES International Membership Directory providing a global network of IP and licensing professionals. Here are some of the advantages of becoming an LES Member:


» Quarterly journal—les Nouvelles, the leading journal in licensing.

» LES Global News with hot topics and latest news delivered to you electronically.

» Website, with exclusive access to search online membership directory and les Nouvelles archives.

» Networking and business opportunities.

» International, national, regional and local conferences throughout the year.

» Education and training internally and externally through licensing courses, seminars, webinars and workshops.

» Involvement in LESI industry, professional and regional committees.

» Mentorship Opportunities with experienced professionals.

» Exchange of best practices between and among national and regional societies; Platforms to share common issues and experiences.

» Collection and dissemination of information, including surveys and manuals.

» Interface between business, research institutions, the legal profession and financial profession (accounting and financing) on an international basis.

» Promotion of trade in IP internationally.

» Submission of opinions and comments to governmental authorities on IP related policies and regulations.

» Interaction with international bodies, regional and national IP authorities and other professional organizations.


The Committees of LES International:


LESI has three types of Committees: (1) Management Committees; (2) Industry, Professional and Regional Committees; and (3) Ad Hoc Committees.


The Management Committees that provide administrative support for LESI day-to-day operations and core activities.


The Industry, Professional and Regional Committees which serve as the gateway to membership and participation in LES


Both the Management Committees as well as the Industry, Professional and Regional Committees of LESI are "Permanent" Committees established and operating under the LESI By-Laws.


The Ad Hoc Committees or Working Groups addressing new initiatives of the Board.


Members of LES Turkey may join and involve activities of LESi.


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